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PostSubject: Raids **READ THE WHOLE POST**   Mon May 17, 2010 6:26 pm

The purpose of this forum is to establish members who will be attending raids each week. Yes, I do understand WoW has an ingame Editor for raids and invites, but this is going to be a little more formal plus it will help for when the guild has more than 25 active raiders, to give insight of who is being "Alt'ed out" or sitting as a back up when a raid goes out.

Each week I will be updating it with the members who are going to be heading in on that concurrent week.

DO NOT POST in this forum, the only posts will be raids, and I will just continue to update it as time goes along. If you have questions about the roster ask; Myself, Novanis, Talectra, Shabaad or Berzerks in game, and we will assist you with why you are being sat, ect.
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PostSubject: 10's   Mon May 17, 2010 6:41 pm

Thursday - May 20th // Saturday - 22 May
9pm - 11pm Server // 2pm - 7pm --- 7pm - 11pm (if on Sunday)

THE SECOND raid day may take place on SUNDAY AFTER 25 MAN! Plan accordingly, we will know shortly. And it will be posted.

- Core Group 1 -
Heroic Marrow, Lady, and Gunship. Put more attempts up on Saurf and possibly Fester / Rot. Then on Saturday, finish off other bosses, Kill Blood Queen on Heroic and then push to LK.

1. Kolinixx
2. Alex

3. Novanis
4. Berzerks
5. Vynice

*Ranged / Casters*
6. Calystah
7. WingX

8. Shabaad
9. Ilinn
10. Kanadwen

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PostSubject: 25's   Mon May 17, 2010 8:04 pm

Sunday - 23 May

STARTING AT 2PM, be on and ready to go (Flasks, food ect.)

Heroic Marrow & Gunship. WATCH THE VIDEO'S IF NEED BE. "Lost Society" Video's for a better basis of how we will do the fight.

Shooting for 10/12, with some attempts on Sindy. -- Watch any of these video's if you need also.

1. Kolinixx (War)
2. Alex (Pally)
3. Reptaur (Druid) -- (Recruit)


4. Novanis (Rog)
5. Antixslnd (DK)
6. Omen (Rog)
7. Berzerks (Shm)
8. Vynice (Pally)
9. Binde (Pally)
10. Warhell (War)
11. Vanaka (DK) - (Temp)

*Ranged / Casters*

12. Calystah (Mage)
13. Demer (Mage)
14. Psyro (Priest)
15. Saithocity (Lock) -- (Recruit)
16. WingX (Druid) -- Offspec heals.
17. Zett (Hunter)
18. Blackxpinoy (Hunter)


21. Shabaad (Shm)
22. Ilinn (Pally)
23. Kanadwen (Druid)
24. Authora (Pally)
25. Thoughtz (Priest) -- (Recruit)
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PostSubject: Re: Raids **READ THE WHOLE POST**   Wed Jun 30, 2010 2:20 am

It's not readily clear what exactly transpired on the ships after Israeli forces (initiating the confrontation) stormed them in international waters, but Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon's preposterous assertion that the humanitarian activists were connected to al-Qaeda has indicated from the beginning that Israel has no intention whatsoever to be serious in explaining its actions. But who can blame them for reaching for the absurd? To appreciate how tough it is to explain their actions, all one has to do is imagine the opposite scenario: What if it were Hamas militants that attacked humanitarian ships in international waters on their way to deliver humanitarian aid to Israel? Is there anything Hamas could possibly say to make its actions seem defensible?

Attempting to tow a slightly less absurd line of argument was Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev, who told the BBC that the aid convoy was to blame for the violence, because "unfortunately this group were [sic] dead-set on confrontation." Except, of course, the aid convoy was not going to Israel, but to Gaza (you know, where we're told Israel's occupation ended years ago). So, unless Regev wants to suggest that Israel was acting to protect Gazans from a confrontation with the aid convoy, he should come to terms with the obvious fact that it is Israel's unlawful siege on someone else's land which is "dead-set on confrontation" with a world that has lost patience for a policy of mass devastation and economic strangulation of an entire people.

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PostSubject: Re: Raids **READ THE WHOLE POST**   

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