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 I need home

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PostSubject: I need home   Sun Mar 28, 2010 2:11 am

Include Class / Spec At the top please before answering questions and such.
Resto/Ele Shaman

Raid Experience - [Insert a brief description of raid experience you have had with ANY MMO you have ever played. - WoW Raids first though please.]

All raids
Gearscore or Link to your Armory page - [Keep in mind this is NOT a dealbreaker, this is to give us a general idea of where your gear stands and where we may need to help improve if need be]

DPS - [Easy give me a quick overview of a round-about crunch of dps you pull in a 25, helps us match your gear to the numbers. Keep in mind, you may want to keep to the truth on this, because you will be on a 2 week trial, and if you give bogus numbers... that will effect your integrity]

about 5k on Saurfang 25 man
Expectations - [Give me just a little sight of what you are looking for in a guild]

Raid Schedule - [Simple, can you make the raid schedule consistently]
When I am on.
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PostSubject: Re: I need home   Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:20 am

It's prom next week and I'm wearing a little black dress with pink shoes, so to make it stand out more I was going to do pink makeup. I've got the lipgloss, it's the Cheryl Cole one, you know on the L'Oreal advert? Glam Shine Reflexion 180, she's on So, I have greeny blue eyes, one eye is slighlty hazel, so I really want them to stand out a green or hazel colour. What should I do for pink eyes make up? Should I use black eye liner etc, and what shade. Oh and here are the shoes:
Pink eye makeup would almost take it to tacky for me. I think the only way you could pull it off is if you did some sort of pink mascara just on the tips of your lashes [I think Max Factor makes a pink shade, but it's definitely brighter than the other two pinks you have going here].

I would recommend using a deep brown eyeliner to do a cat eye - that will really make your color eyes pop. Don't go too heavy on makeup underneath your eyes, just complete the cat eye at the outer corner.

If you still want to have some fun with color, get a cute necklace! Any color would work since it's far enough away from the shoe.

office chair | office chairs
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I need home
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