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 Aléx (é - alt + 0233) 80 Prot Pally

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PostSubject: Aléx (é - alt + 0233) 80 Prot Pally   Sun Mar 28, 2010 9:39 pm

Raid Experience - I have been raiding in WoW since 06 in may when I first started out, only did ZG and attempted BWL once but other than that couldn't do much because of school, BC I pretty much did everything except BT and only did some SSC and almost did all of TK except Kael and probably the first 2 bosses in Hyjal since my guild was still progressing and soon a lot of events happened. But other than that my raid experience in WoTLK was pretty much a DK in naxx and a Lock in naxx and then I stopped playing for a till I switched to my pally and started lvling him and walked around as ret, then I got tired of that and quit and came back this Jan when the dungeon finder came out. I decided to go holy then tank and here I am, kinda new to it but gettin the hang of it.

Gearscore or Link to your Armory page -

DPS - Tank dps over 9000

Expectations - Pretty much seeing the new bosses in ICC, only been able to take a peek at putricide (at most)

Raid Schedule - I have school on mon/wed/thur/sat so I can make the raids with no problem unless theres a problem or something.
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Aléx (é - alt + 0233) 80 Prot Pally
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